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Client Sites - No Longer Maintained

Over the years, websites have come and gone. Here are a few that I have either totally built myself or had a hand in working on in some way. COPIES (for display purposes only) of some of these sites are hosted on my TRK Computer Services Server. I will note whether these sites are active or not.

Keesling Racing

In 1999 and up to 2004, my Boys and I raced Naskarts (a full bodied go-kart) and the boys also raced Quarter Midgets. We had a small site set up just for fun and it was hosted on my own server which at the time, was an old Dell 133Mhz running SuSE Linux with the Apache Server Software. Here is the site, no longer active, a copy is still hosted on my TRK Computer Services website for viewing purposes only. Please go here to see the site: Keesling Racing

Greater Indianapolis Brittany Club

This is a website for the Indiana folks that own Brittanys, or, anyone interested in Brittany Bird Dogs. My family and I are part of this club and are still members today. I built, updated and maintained this website for about a year or so and then passed it on to another gal who does many Dog Club websites. I have a copy running on TRK Computer Services and it is for display only. The information contained in this site is not current or up to date. Go here to see my copy of this site: Greater Indianapolis Brittany Club Go here to see the current site(I no longer maintain):

Granmar Brittanys

I hosted this site for a friend of the family. It was hosted on my home server and at the time, I was downsizing my workload due to other obligations. Here is a link to the COPY of the website that I had worked on, please note, I did not get the whole site completed: Grandmar Brittanys Here is the active site that is updated but not maintained by myself:

Mountain View Hideaway

This site is not a live working site anymore and only used for display purposes only. Currently there is no active website to replace the original and they are no longer in business. Here is the link to the site: Mountain View Hideaway

Noah's Ark Preschool

This was a simple site set up for a local preschool. It was decided that they no longer needed a website so we discontinued work on it. You can view it here: Noah's Ark Preschool


ProComp Naskarts was the company that built the Naskarts that my boys and I used to race. A local company, the site was up for a couple of years until they went out of business. I don't have a working copy to view that I know of right now. If I find one in my archives, I'll post it. It was a site that I was using a new technology on, at least it was new to me and the technology had not been out very long called Dynamic Websites. Things moved around which was pretty cool for the time but made for extremely slow page loading. Most homes were still on Dial Up modems at this point and was not ready for this technology.

SpeedCreek Raceway, Lapel Indiana

This was a race track website that I had created while we were involved in racing. Eventually it was taken over because we got out of racing and it was rebuilt and maintained by someone else local that was still involved with the program. I no longer have a copy of this website but they do have a new website but looks like it has not been updated in a while. You can check it out here:

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