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Welcome to Tim's Corner here at, I am happy that you are visiting my corner of the web. I am a web designer and have been working with websites and graphics since 1996. I have many interests which I will show you through the many links that I have from the top navigation drop down menus. I have many hours and years for that matter in these websites that you will be looking at. Some sites are finished and others are started but not finished. Many of the sites have been testing sites for me as I have kept up with technologies over the years. I hope you find all of this interesting. If you need assistance with this website, please contact me by email @ until I can get a working form on here. Please look around and enjoy yourself.

Current Happenings

  • Working with MySQL & PHP
  • Switching to new server
  • Totally upgrading this site

About This Site

First of all I want to explain how this site is built with free software. The Bluefish HTML editor is Open Source Software as well as all the other software used to build the site and the server it runs on. If you would like to know how all this is done please contact me. Go here to see a much more detailed description of all the free software used and even the hardware that is used.

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